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Special in our shop For diamond service, we also including the Water bed spa and full service. Soothing massage techniques and highly effective penetrating essential oils can quickly relax you from stress and discomfort throughout the day. The unique rushing stick of our store can easily open the meridians on your back to achieve the effect of dredging the whole body. Coupled with body and body, chest and buttocks, and male prostate massage, try the sensation of being overwhelmed by the ice and fire, and then radiate your semen under the stimulation of passion and desire. If you want to save your stamina, of course, you can also free yourself on the exclusive sex swing of our shop to achieve a combination of spirituality and desire. . 舒缓的按摩手法和高效的渗透精油可以让你快速的放松一整天的压力和不适。我店独一无二的赶经棒可以轻松的将您背部的经络打开,以达到全身疏通疏通的效果。再加上身体与身体,胸部和臀部,男性前列腺的按摩后,尝试冰火两重天的欲罢不能的感受,再情与欲的刺激下放射出你的精液。如果想节省你的体能,当然你还可以在我们店独有的性爱秋千上任意的放飞自我,达到灵异与欲的结合。。  

special in our shop